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Monopoli Hotels Italy

Porto Giardino Resort stands out as completely renewed Monopoli Hotel.

Monopoli town situated around 30km south of Bari completes harmonious the Puglia's Adriatic coast. Investigation of Monopoli Hotels Italy it led to the Porto Giardino Resort decision. We kept in mind for a Monopoli Hotel:

  • Beauty of the landscapes in the area
  • Proximity to the sandy beaches in Monopoli
  • Nearby area with harsh rocks to impress
  • Resort with hotel and buildings with gardens
  • Existence of TV, fridge, air conditioning, hair dryer

Why we`ve select this one? We were impressed by Porto Giardino Resort during our searches for Monopoli Hotels located in Italy. Nice memories from Monopoli, the dazzling town for a day trip, conceivably in blend with Polignano a Mare simply up the coast. Plunge in the ocean and a decent lunch, with a meander around the old town.

Like a large number of towns on the Adriatic, Monopoli's history has been altogether affected by its east-bound position and its strengthened ocean front. Always keep in mind Porto Giardino Resort if you expect high standards from Monopoli Hotels Italy.