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Beach Resort Puglia

Lovely beach is seen directly from Porto Giardino Resort [Puglia]

Traveling south down the Adriatic, the coast in the middle of Manfredonia and the noteworthy capital, Bari, is framed by a progression of sandy and rock shore lines, salt pans and some flawless towns with an astonishing ocean front basilica, too. For a break, you stop at Porto Giardino Resort with cutting-edge amenities that complete the Beach Resorts in Puglia.

From Bari, the most part of the rough seacoast is punctured by infrequent spots of sandy shoreline, for example, those at the exquisite towns of Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, both certainly justified for visiting. Porto Giardino Resort gives you the chance to see directly the lovely beach. This Beach Resort in Puglia astonishes the tourists!

When is the best time to be there? It`s your decision. Remember, though. Reservations to Beach Resort in Puglia are made with a certain period of time at Porto Giardino Resort, to be sure you find a place to stay!